X3? Yes, Please!


The year is 2022 and Hollywood is the place to be! It’s been FOREVER since we’ve been out among the land of the living (and the SEXY). The pandemic has certainly been the ULTIMATE COCK-BLOCKER in terms of seeing all our favorite stars and fans in person! Needless to say, we were majorly disappointed to hear that the AVNs are once again being held online. In this virtual day and age, you would think that a virtual award show would be all the rage, but no matter how well it’s produced, it just can’t compare with an in-person event.

I was thrilled to find out that XBIZ was still planning to hold their annual award show AND was adding a brand new expo weekend leading up to the main event! So, on January 6, my cameraman and I headed down to Hollywood to embark on a brand new adventure!

The inaugural X3 EXPO was held at the historic Palladium Theater on Sunset Boulevard, right near the famous intersection of Hollywood and Vine, just around the corner from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Needless to say, it was a prime location for this epic weekend.

Too $hort told those Freaky Tales on Friday night.

The Palladium Theater is a medium-sized venue, which gave the event a rather intimate feeling. Perfect for an event that celebrates intimacy! While it took less than 45 minutes to walk through the entire setup, each time you ventured around, you were guaranteed to be greeted with a completely unique experience.

I was thrilled to see so many familiar faces (and asses)! The first person I ran into was Bad Kitty and her sexy friend, Goddess Ti. I am obsessed with how gorgeous Bad Kitty is! She absolutely shines in front of the camera, just exuding pure sexiness! Bad Kitty and Goddess Ti were having SO much fun that it was hard not to just hang out with them all weekend!

Bad Kitty looking BADASS!

I quickly found my girl Ray Ray upstairs, manning her booth and looking adorable! We chatted for a while and I took about a million pictures of her! Did I mention how CUTE she is? So cute! It was great to finally meet her in person!

The adorable Ray Ray!

CUTE and TOUGH was our next stop at the booth of Your Thick Nympho. She is a military veteran AND an epic sexpot! She looked hot as hell in her flack jacket, thigh holster, and fishnet stockings! She was having a great time talking with all her fans and hanging out with the other performers. Plus we saw her jumping in the ball pit, which I’m sure is part of her tactical nympho training!

At the MASSIVE Chaterbate booth, the performers were well-protected by individual cubicles made of plexiglass. I wasn’t the least bit surprised to see fan-favorite, Lauren Phillips, right up front, drawing a major crowd. I always call her “The hardest working performer at the expos.” She is indefatigable! If there is an event, Lauren is there operating at 110%. She gives so much time and attention to her fans, which makes her incredibly fun to watch!

Texas Patti is another familiar face and hot body that I always love to see! She has so much energy and personality! She loves to laugh and is always smiling (even behind that mask). Patti always looks picture-perfect in her well-coordinated outfits. She’s like a modern-day Daisy Duke! She has the spunk that I WISH I had!

Sweet and sexy Texas Patti

If you were looking for a party, you had to look no further than the BRAZZERS booth. That group is OFF THE HOOK! There was a constant stream of steady FUN coming from that end of the hall. The girls were HOT, the music was loud, and the energy was off the scales! Talk about a fantastic brand ambassador, Alexis Fawx should be named the Official Mayor of BrazzerVille! Running, dancing, and shaking it from fan to fan, she kept the party at a 10 the entire time! I was in awe watching her make everyone fall head over heels for her!

If FUN was an olympic sport, the GOLD MEDAL WINNER would be Evilyn Ink! She is a fucking gorgeous tattoo artist and a sexual beast! Nobody loves life more than Evilyn Ink!

I got inked!

My SWEETHEART OF THE YEAR awards go to Britney Amber, Astrodomina, and September Reign. I guess you could say its a three-way! I could have hung out with them the entire weekend. Talk about genuinely NICE humans! The conversations flowed so easily with them. They are definitely the type of women that I would hang out with over coffee and carbs!

I had to get a hug from September Reign
Don’t let that sweet face fool you…Astrodomina will kick your ass!

Britney Amber is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. It always surprises me that she remembers who I am. We bonded over discount shopping several years ago and the rest is history! She is absolutely gorgeous in person…like supermodel gorgeous. Her body is perfect, her makeup is perfect, her everything is perfect. She is perfection personified. Fingers crossed that she comes to the Bay Area sometime soon!

Britney Amber goes for a dip!

The great thing about the X3 Expo is the fact that it was all performers and no vendors. The vendor expos are fun, but it was fantastic to mingle with the talent without any of the extra distractions.

Speaking of talent, we were incredibly lucky to chat with Christy Canyon and Brittany Andrews in between their scores of adoring fans! Christy Canyon is a pro’s pro. My cameraman has been a huge fan of hers since her early days, so watching him drool all over himself as he tried to play it cool was epically amusing! She is such a good sport and loves talking about all of her work. She has a great sense of humor and you can tell she truly enjoys her fans.

Brittany Andrews is another high-class beauty. She is stunning…BETTER THAN BARBIE! She is the epitome of the Glam Porn, in absolutely every way. Everything about her sparkles. She is the full package! If you ever have a chance to meet her in person, make sure you take that opportunity.

Siri, all Dahled up!

I am thrilled about all of the great people that we had the chance to meet and reconnect with. It felt like a family reunion! I even managed to squeeze in a couple of minutes with Siri Dahl!

The only person I didn’t manage to see was Joanna Angel. Such a bummer! She is a freaking evil goddess among mortals. She is one of my absolute favorite performers and businesspeople. She is killing it with her production company BURNING ANGEL. The content that comes out of (and goes into lol) BURNING ANGEL is top notch. They don’t make a bad film. Not only is the overall quality incredibly high, but the writing and humor take her films to a whole different level.

All in all, the X3 inaugural weekend was a success! Hollywood didn’t disappoint, and I can’t wait to go again. The team at Xbiz that coordinated the event did a great job keeping everything running smoothly. The atmosphere was awesome and it was wonderful to get back out there at a live event.

Until Next Time,


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