AVN WEEKEND 2020: Farewell to the Hard Rock Hotel


IMG_6009-1With another successful AVN Expo and Award Show in the books, it’s time to reflect on all the risque fun! This was my fourth year in attendance and as always, it was a BLAST.  The girls were hotter than ever and the excitement level was at a peak.  The Hard Rock was an awesome venue, as always, although this was the final AVN week that will be held at the hotel before it closes for a year to undergo a massive remodel and change of ownership.  Not gonna lie…it’s going to be funny having the Pornie Awards held at the Virgin Hotel Las Vegas!


Esperanza looking HOT as HELL!

Over the three days in vegas, we saw many of our favorite starlets. The gorgeous Vicki Chase, the Goddess Brooklyn Chase (no relation, lol), Siri (SHE’S BACK!), Texas Patti, and SUPERSTAR Christy Canyon were just a few of my fangirl highlights! The five of them were so fucking sweet! I could have hung out with them all weekend and been perfectly content.  Talk about down to earth! I’m kind of sad that I didn’t get a chance to sit and talk Harry Potter with Siri!

Getting the chance to meet Christy Canyon was a major honor.  She is porn royalty and deserves to be worshipped like the goddess that she is! It was hilarious chatting with her about the time she was on the show Dave’s Old Porn! She has some amazing stories to tell about her life and career.  I could have listened to her talk all day long! 

IMG_6012-1Vicki Chase was like a super sexy news reporter, working the red carpet with a microphone and interviewing all the talent.  She is such a sweetheart with an incredibly  good head on her shoulders.  She is passionate about giving back and helping out the younger girls in the industry in a way that offers support, as well as a career boost.  She recognizes the benefits of the connections that she made early in her career and aims to make the same sort of difference with the next generation of performers. Vicki is a BUSINESSWOMAN, so look for her to be in the industry for A LONG TIME. Don’t be surprised when you see her as a studio powerhouse in a few years…and don’t say I didn’t tell you so!


Siri is my very favorite girl next door.  I could honestly see myself being BFFs with her.  She is a genuinely nice person and she absolutely exudes happiness and sunshine.  She is one of those people who lights up a room when she walks in.  We are SO happy that she is back in the industry! She was sorely missed! Nobody rocks latex the way that Siri does! 

IMG_5990Brooklyn Chase has got to be one of the hardest working ladies around.  She was working the expo every single time we walked around.  I swear she was everywhere! Brooklyn is freaking radiant…there is no other way to describe her. She is adorable AND sexy AND sweet as heck! She is the ultimate trifecta! 


Texas Patti is an absolute blast! She had the best wardrobe throughout the weekend, topped off by her adorable Oktoberfest outfit at the awards.  Patti always has a gigantic smile on her face and she loves to laugh.  She wasn’t shy about the fact that she refused to wear stilettos and was rocking various pairs of comfy sneakers! My kind of girl! Sensible footwear is where it’s at!

So yeah…If I could have just spent the entire weekend hanging out with Siri, Brooklyn, Vicki, Texas Patti, and Christy Canyon, I would have been perfectly content. The friendships and connections that are made at these events are priceless and I am incredibly lucky that I get to be a part of such a relatively small community of very down-to-earth folks! 


@ItsBiancaBurke is doing a number on that lollipop while working the red carpet.

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