Stocking Stuff Me!


The Stiflix Mini Wand Massager would make an excellent stocking stuffer for the one you love…or the one you fuck! Wand massagers are up at the top of my list of favorites because of their simplicity. There are SO many bells and whistles out there these days, but the real question we should be asking is DOES IT MAKE YOU/HER/US CUM? 

IMG_9586The unanimous answer to that question is YES. Multiple times, in fact! The Stiflix Wand is only 15.8 cm long, which means it is compact enough to slip it into your purse, or even stash it in your glove compartment (it charges via magnetic USB, so you can charge it in your car or at your desk…NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY!! This updated version of their classic toy now has 20 different vibration patterns/strengths to play with! I am personally a HUGE fan of the simple constant vibration with the maximum level of power.  But don’t take my word for it, there are SO many options when it comes to this little guy! Cycle through your options a few times before choosing your favorite. LOL!61sguWx-3FL._SL1200_

An interesting selling point for me was the flexibility of the material.  The wand itself is flexible and easy to maneuver. It isn’t rigid and can bend into a c-shape or completely in half.  It allows you to share the vibrations with your partner, increasing the intensity for both of you! You never know which acrobatic positions you may find yourself in the bedroom, but the bendy Stiflix is up to the challenge!

img_7237.jpgThe Stiflix Mini Wand Massager is made of medical grade silicone, ensuring that it is odor-free and hypoallergenic.  Latex toys cause all sorts of skin sensitivities, so I ALWAYS stick with silicone! 

You should definitely try the Stiflix Mini Wand Massager on yourself or with your fuck buddy! You will NOT be disappointed!  

Did Somebody Say “TONGUE”????


The Stiflix Tongue Vibrator is a fun little toy.  It’s super cute and doesn’t look like a traditional vibrator.  It’s unique shape reminds me of a mouth with a soft little tongue inside.  Mine is bright purple color, but it also comes in HOT pink! IMG_6300

Speaking of colors, the most unique feature of the Stiflix Tongue Vibrator is the LED lights that flash and change color along with the different vibrating patterns.  There are nine different patterns and colors! It definitely adds an extra level of fun…like a party in the bedroom! LOL! 

This toy has a suction feature that goes along with the vibrations.  The mouth-like shape sucks onto your pussy and stays there while you cycle through the patterns. Inside the mouth, there are small, vibrating hairs that tickle and please you with each pulsing suck. IMG_6313

The Stiflix Tongue vibrator is silky smooth and made from medical-grade silicone.  It is waterproof and is easily cleaned.  It works well with lube, particularly coconut oil…my favorite! 

IMG_6303If you want to try it out for yourself, check out the Stiflix on Amazon. Follow them on Twitter @FredaLi917

It’s the BOMBEX!


IMG_6276The Bombex Clitoral Sucking Vibrator is a powerful toy in a compact package.  It truly embodies the phrase “SIZE DOESN’T MATTER.” Don’t underestimate the power that is packed into this bright purple toy, it will not disappoint!IMG_6270

This Bombex Sucking Vibrator has seven speeds and vibration patterns.  The sucking “mouthpiece” sucks along with the vibrating pattern, increasing the pleasure exponentially. The function that really set this toy apart from the competition is its ability to cycle through the speeds/vibrations forward and in reverse.  This is incredibly handy when you accidentally change the pattern during the heat of the action.  Rather than cycling through all of the various patterns, you are able to go in reverse and quickly get back to business. 

This toy is made with medical-grade silicone and doesn’t cause irritation for those of us who are sensitive to latex.  It is soft and silky smooth, working well with any type of personal lubricant.  It is water-resistant and would add an extra level fun to the shower, either alone or with a partner! IMG_6268

The sucking function is awesome.  The suction cup gently grabs onto your clit before pulsating and sucking in a way that will make you CUM within minutes.  I literally came three times in the first few minutes of using this bad boy…it does not disappoint.  It feels like lips and a tongue massaging all your most sensitive parts.

Speaking of your sensitive parts, it also works really well on your nipples, LOL! It is the perfect size for sucking on to your hard nipples and working them until your toes curl! 

If you are interested in trying the BOMBEX Clitoral Sucking Vibrator, go to Amazon and check it out! Use the code DAISYJANE and receive 50% off! CUM ON, head over there and get one for yourself.

Bombex official website

Check them out on twitter @Bombex_service @bombex_official

Thrust and Suction


IMG_6208The Venus Dildo by TREEDIRIDE is a thrusting, pulsating, vibrating dildo that comes with a remote and a suction cup attachment.  It looks very life-life, with detailed veins and a realistic head.  Just looking at it will get your juices going! IMG_6214

With 7 vibration patterns and 7 telescopic-trusting patterns, the Venus Dildo has plenty of combinations that you need to try out! I have to mention how well the suction cup works.  There are so many toys on the market that come with subpar suction cups.  There is nothing worse that being hot and heavy in the moment and have your dildo come detached from the wall, shower, or mirror.  This is a high-quality suction cup that keeps a tight hold the entire time.


The remote control is a nice touch if you are playing with a partner.  Let them have control and choose which combination of pulsating thrusting will make you cum the hardest! IMG_6212

The thrusting action is what makes the Venus Dildo stand out from others on the market.  When placed into the suction base, the Venus Dildo’s telescopic action allows it to mimic the thrusting action of a real cock.  You can stay still and let it do all the hard work OR you can buck and grind right along with it! When you pair that life-like motion with the 7 various vibration patterns, it is a recipe for MAJOR PLEASURE!

The TREEDIRIDE company is always looking for hot, new testers.  If you’d like a chance to take one of their toys for a ride, contact them on Twitter @Treediride or check out their website

Brooklyn Chase in the Flesh


I was recently privileged to have a chance to meet up with porn star extraordinaire, Brooklyn Chase. She was in town performing at The Gold Club Centerfolds in Sacramento, California, so I made sure to make a trip out there to catch her in the flesh!

First of all, Brooklyn is just as beautiful in person as she is on screen. She is an absolute sweetheart who has a real way with making people feel at ease. As her fans came to the pre-show meet & greet, she took the time to make each person feel genuinely appreciated. Everyone walked away feeling as though they had gotten a worthwhile one-on-one with Brooklyn Chase.

The Brooklyn Chase stage show was excellent. She danced, teased, tempted, and seduced her way through multiple songs, paying particular attention to the fans crowded around the front of the stage. Everyone in in The Gold Club was clearly enamored with her gorgeous body! Let it be known that Brooklyn Chase does NOT disappoint!

If Brooklyn is ever in your town, you should definitely make a point to go see her. She hugely values her fans and and it shows! She’s an incredibly hard worker and a genuinely nice person. It’s no wonder that she’s one of the top names in the industry!

Check her out and show her some love! XOXO


The Little Vibrator That Could!


Anyone who has read my blog knows that I love the small, rocket-style vibrators. I’m all about the clitoral stimulation. I just can’t get enough! That being said, this little pocket rocket really fits the bill. The small, pink Acvioo vibrator is small enough to be portable, but it packs enough power to earn itself a place in my nightstand.

At 5 inches long, don’t be fooled into underestimating its power. It has ten different vibration settings and it holds a charge for up to 2 hours! It charges quickly (30 minutes!) and easily with an included USB charger. You can even charge it in your car on your way to work! Sneaky AND sexy!

The circumference is large enough that you can insert it pleasurably. It’s not too small, and in fact, using it to penetrate yourself while it’s vibrating is a highly satisfying experience! Its also awesome for using with your partner. You can rub it all over them and feel them squirm with pleasure!

Do yourself a favor and give this little guy a try. Don’t judge it by its compact size, judge it by how many times it can make you cum in one sitting. I promise that you won’t be disappointed!

Acvioo makes high-quality products. I have a few in my own personal collection. They are made of medical-grade silicone and are 100% waterproof, which makes cleanup super easy!

Follow them on Twitter at @AcviooOfficial to stay updated on the latest product releases!

Good Thing it’s Waterproof Because I’m All Wet!


The Acvioo Personal Massager is an understated magician. Don’t be dissuaded by its traditional design because this baby packs a wallop. At 7.9″ long, with a round head and a tapered end, every inch can be utilized.

I was immediately impressed with the sleek design. The flat black color and the silver end piece give it a classy appearance. It isn’t gaudy or showy, letting me know that it doesn’t mess around and gets right down to business (or pleasure…definitely pleasure lol).

After charging the Acvioo Personal Massager on its magnetic charger, I decided to test out its waterproof capabilities to take it into the shower with me after a particularly stressful day. I began by trying it out to massage a tight spot on one of my shoulders. The hot water and the intense vibration immediately made my muscles loosen up.

Once I was relaxed, I moved the massager down south and started rubbing it on my pussy. Even without cycling through the 8 different patterns, I came right away. Now with that first one out of the way, I was better able to test out the other patterns.

The round head has a strong vibration and is able to rotate 360 degrees. The mechanics of the massager add to the overall sensations. I could feel my pussy trying to grab onto it. Once I inserted the head, it felt as though it was whirling around inside me, hitting spots that aren’t normally reached.

The Acvioo Massager is a definite winner in my books. If you are interested in testing one out for yourself, head on over to their website HERE and make sure to follow Acvioo on TWITTER at @AcivooOfficial