AVN Expo and Award Show 2019


AVN Week/end in Las Vegas never disappoints and 2019 was no exception! The Hard Rock Hotel opened its glass doors to the world of the adult film industry and of course, BUTTLOADS of fun was had by all! 

My personal highlights are always talking with the starlets.  They are consistently sweet and incredibly down-to-earth.  In fact, I’ve yet to talk with a single one who was standoffish or cold.  It’s great to see them bonding with their fans at a level where both the fans AND the starlets are enjoying one another’s company.  

The AVN Expo is always a blast.  The number of kinky and hilariously-kinky items truly boggles the mind! I mean, I never knew that I was going to get quite so cozy with a giant cock in a tiny hat, but here I fucking am! img_8211 Stay tuned for more of Daisy Jane’s Tales from the AVNs, including the AMAZING comeback of Christy Mack AND that time I just happened to take a selfie with Stormy Daniels! Til next time…stay hard! XXXOXXXOXXXO


SHEQU? Yes, Please!


Could it be any cuter???

The SHEQU Thrusting Sex Massager is a great addition to any woman’s bedside arsenal. At 10” long, the SHEQU is the ideal length and width to provide hours and hours of fun. The silky soft silicone material glides with ease, requiring little or no additional lubrication.Sammors_sex_toys247

While the SHEQU has ten different patterns of vibration, the thrusting action is what sets this sex toy apart from all the others. With three settings (low/med/high), the SHEQU mimics the intense feelings of actual penetration. Once the SHEQU is fully inserted, the unit has enough power to maintain the thrust without the user maintaining a firm grip. This leaves your fingers available for extra clitoral stimulation.

The SHEQU is not only for solo play! It also works well if you choose to squat upon it while filling your face with cock or if you’ve always wanted to experience double-penetration. It does the work of an extra partner without any of the extra work! This thing really does it all.

With an easy-to-use USB charger, you can take the SHEQU with you just about anywhere. It holds a charge that is long enough for several sessions, never leaving you high and dry in the middle of playtime. Do yourself/your lady/your friend a favor and check out the SHEQU. I promise that it will SATISFY! Click here to make your/her dreams CUM true. Follow @sammorsextoy and check out the website for their other great toys Sammors.com

AVN AWARD WEEKEND 2018 with Daisy Jane


The AVN Expo and Award Show weekend should be experienced by all fans of the adult film industry at least once in their lifetime. It is a fun, upbeat, and an incredibly accepting event. The atmosphere is unlike anywhere else…and not in a weird, seedy way.

This was my second year attending the AVNs (from now on, I will refer to the whole weekend as the AVNs, unless otherwise specified). Just like last year, I was incredibly impressed by the overall execution of the event, as well as the awesome vibe that permeated the entire weekend.

The Hard Rock Hotel welcomes the industry each year with open arms. It is the perfect location for this caliber of event, evidenced by the fact that most people never leave the hotel (why would you need to, with fun people, porn stars, and awesome food?). With accommodations that fit everyone’s needs, the rock and roll atmosphere is the perfect background for the AVNs.


The most admirable aspect of the AVNs is the honest level of acceptance and professionalism. Watching the performers get to be themselves, without any sort of judgment, is priceless. The veteran performers mingle with the up-and-cummers, the cam girls yuck it up with the award-winners. This is everyone’s chance to shine.


As much as I liked engaging with the performers during the expo, watching them interact with their fans was even more interesting. These ladies love their fans. There is no question about it. Most of the performers recognized people in the crowds from their Twitter feeds and felt comfortable calling attention to the connection. The level of fan engagement was impressive. It would have been very easy for these ladies to get up on the stages and just chat with one another, but nearly all of them went out of their way to pay complete attention to their fans.


The incredibly hot Misty Stone really stood out in my mind this year. She had multiple fans in wheelchairs who were waiting patiently to meet her, and she went out of her way to make sure that they felt included in the festivities. She spent more time talking and fawning over these fans than any of the others. She was gracious, authentically friendly, and seemed genuinely interested in what they had to say. These are the sorts of moments that the mainstream world doesn’t get to hear about.


The AVNs are an environment of inclusion. Although the female performers get the majority of attention, there was a much stronger presence of transgender starlets than in previous years. Their fans flocked to their booths, standing in long lines to take photos with their favorite actresses. As a big fan of transgendered performers, I loved seeing the lovely ladies getting to be their true selves. Plus, they are HOT AS FUCK!


Here’s a few highlights from the weekend:


Meeting Ava Devine at the Expo was a thrill. She is one of my favorite performers, primarily because of her incredibly dirty mouth. She talks nasty like no one else in the industry. She looked beautiful and was super engaging with her fans, hugging and chatting it up with everyone. I have to admit, I was a little star-struck!

Karlee Grey was another stunner. She is so cute and bubbly, with the best bush in the business. She had no problem admitting that she has an emotional attachment to her bush, which I can totally relate to. The Hubs and I happened to catch her during a lull in the excitement and were able to hang out with her for an extended period of time. She was just so fun, we didn’t want to leave!


Britney Amber is super sweet. She looked absolutely gorgeous every time I saw her. Last year we bonded over our love of cheap dresses and this year was no different. I could seriously picture myself hanging out with her on a Saturday, wearing sweats, and going to get coffee.

Brooklyn Chase and I had a great conversation about how much our feet hurt! It seemed to be a common complaint amongst all of the ladies. They deserve HUGE accolades for enduring the pain of stiletto heels for multiple days on end. Next year, the Hard Rock Hotel should set up those Footsy Wootsy foot massagers that they have at the county fair…for reals.


Speaking of being on their feet for days at a time, I need to give a shout-out to the hardest working woman at the AVNs: Lauren Phillips. She is an absolute beast. Every time I saw her, she was working it at the cam booth, always giving it her all to her live audience AND her cam audience. She’s excellent at multi-tasking (which we know because she was awesome in Interracial Double Penetration Gangbangs, which was her very first interracial gangbang)! She is so beautiful (and TALL). I’d like to climb all over her!


Vicki Chase is always one of my favorites. I met her last year in San Francisco and we immediately hit it off (you can check my blog for the steamy details of that interaction). She was on the Vixen Stage, which is one of the hottest places to be during the expo.

With plush couches and a fully-stocked bar, Vixen does their booth up right. The ladies were doing a twerking contest at one point, hosted by the fabulous Harley Dean. Harley kept the energy high and the fans frothing at the mouth. With the Vixen girls on one side of me and Lauren Phillips on the other, I was a happy girl!

On the red carpet, I was lucky enough to meet the incredibly talented Dana Dearmond. I was sort of intimidated to call out to her because

she is such an intense performer, but she ended up being a sweetheart and got out of line for a few minutes to chat with me!

When she found out that I do film reviews, she mentioned that she had a few negative experiences with reviewers, but I assured her that I am all about positivity.  

Let that be a lesson to all the reviewers and armchair-reviewers out there: BE NICE.

The highlight of the AVNs was meeting Francesca Le and Mark Wood. They are absolute PORN ROYALTY. I was completely star-struck when I saw Mark Wood at the bar before the awards show, but I was even more floored when I ran into Francesca Le down on the floor of the show. The two of them could not have been any friendlier. While their status in the industry would have made it understandable if they were aloof, this was the furthest thing from the truth. Mark and Francesca were gracious and funny, honest and genuine. I could have hung out with them all night (in both a sexual AND non-sexual way).

The Hubs is a MAJOR Francesca Le fan. He has her original work on VHS and can pretty much name everything she has ever filmed. One of my favorite moments of the trip was watching him get star struck when he finally got to meet his naughty fantasy goddess in person.

It’s hard to believe that she even has work that was on VHS because Francesca seriously looks like she’s 25. She is absolutely stunning and her body is fucking beyond belief! Mark Wood is seriously a lucky guy…wanna be friends with me and the hubs?

Like me, Mark and Francesca are incredibly passionate about rescuing pit bulls. They are actively involved in the bully-rescue community and are always advocating for the cause. As someone with an adorably amazing rescued pit, we had an immediate connection. Some guys use their cute dogs to lure in the ladies, I use mine as an excuse to talk to porn royalty! I’d love to hook up with them and raise awareness for our precious pitties!

Mark and Francesca are always spreading the word about the importance of pet rescue. They ask that everyone who is considering adding a fur-baby to their lives would please check with their local shelters and rescue centers. There are SO many amazing pets out there who need and deserve love. ADOPT. DON’T SHOP.

All in all, the AVNs 2018 were fucking awesome. I flew home on cloud nine (via Allegiant AirJ). The vibe is stellar, the crowd is awesome, and the ladies are gorgeous. I don’t want to make it sound TOO appealing or it might be more crowded next year!! Just kidding, the more the merrier!


If you are a fan of the adult film industry, do yourself a favor and get your ass to the AVNs at least once in your life.



Daisy Jane







Chasing Vicki: My Night with Vicki Chase


The ridiculously sexy Vicki Chase seduced San Francisco a couple of weeks ago and I was lucky enough to have a front row seat. The sultry Southern California native was the featured performer at the world-famous Crazy Horse and after following her on Twitter for quite some time, I just knew that I had to go see her in person

IMG_6382To begin with, Vicki Chase does not disappoint…in fact, she far exceeds expectations. She is an absolute gem – the perfect combination of beauty and authenticity. Her fans love her, which was clear from the packed house, and she was nice enough to spend some time visiting with the people who had come out to see her. I was blessed with the opportunity to visit with her one-on-one for a few minutes after her show.

Speaking of her show…uh, WOW!

The place was packed and the excitement was palpable when the DJ announced the famous Vicki Chase. As the theme song from Wonder Woman filled the room, I’m pretty sure every guy in the theater got a flashback Lynda Carter hard-on. As the curtains spread, our very own Wonder Woman spun seductively onto the stage. From the gold headband down to her lasso of truth, Vicki Chase absolutely nailed the super-feminine super hero (NOTE: I would absolutely let her tie me up with said lasso).

The atmosphere was lively, her costume was fun, and Vicki was clearly enjoying herself. She greeted her fans in the best way possible, slowly removing her skimpy blue panties and prowling around to give them a closer look.

Our West Coast Wonder Woman has an absolutely stunning body. Her petite frame and perfect curves make it clear why she is a fan favorite (her impressive ability to handle big black cocks make it clear why she is a top star in the adult film industry…did I mention how impressive it is?). 

The men in the audience couldn’t get enough of her, each trying to get a better angle to properly view all of her bits and pieces.

Vicki and I have been friends on Twitter for quite some time now and she knew that I was planning to stop by to say hi. As she made her first trip around the stage, she leaned down and gave me a hug, whispering that she would be back for me. A few minutes later, she made her way back to where I was seated and she pulled me up on the stage with her.

I’m not going to lie…what happened next was one of the hottest unscripted moments of my life.

We slowly started to kiss, rubbing and caressing one another’s bodies in front of our captive audience. For those few short minutes, her soft skin and delicate kisses made the rest of the people in the room disappear. As we licked and sucked on one another’s tits, it took all of my willpower not to just completely devour her on the spot!

Vicki gently pushed me down onto my back and crawled over the top of me, positioning her shiny pink box directly over my face. Despite my best efforts to be a good girl, I just couldn’t help myself…my tongue gently slipped between the lips of her sweet pussy and I’m pretty sure I tasted heaven.

The spontaneity of the entire scene increased the hotness-factor exponentially. The unscripted nature of our sexy interaction made took it to a whole ‘nother level! As we continued to grind and rub and lick and suck, the dollars rained down on the stage around us.


Much to my dismay, the Wonder Woman theme song ended, and Vicki walked me back to the edge of the stage. I gave her a quick hug as the audience gave us an enthusiastic round of applause. I hadn’t planned on becoming a part of the show that night, but I am certainly glad that I did. Playing with Vicki Chase was hotness overload.


If you ever have a chance to see Vicki Chase in person, do yourself a favor and do it. That being said, DO NOT climb up on stage and lick her pussy. That was a very special privilege reserved for ME and I’m pretty sure you’d end up with a knee-high red boot in your ass and big bouncer on your back.


Check out her website to find out where she’ll be starring next or shop til you drop in her online store! I love my Vicki Chase booty shirt…not only is it super sexy, its super comfy, too!

Cum to Mama: My New Favorite Toy


The Wireless Vibrator Mini Massager by Linglong would be a worthy addition to just about anyone’s nightstand drawer .


This pint-sized wonder packs a serious wallop, putting out much stronger vibrations than one would expect from a massager this size.  There are seven different patterns of vibrations, providing the user with multiple options for personal stimulation and enjoyment.  The Wireless Vibrator Mini Massager is made from a combination of non-toxic ABS (the same material used to produce Legos) and a high-quality medical-grade silicone. The bright purple silicone is a major highlight of this product and deserves recognition all of its own.  It is no exaggeration to say that the smooth, soft rubbery feeling gives the Mini Massager a space-age texture that is truly unlike anything you’ve ever felt before.  This is a toy that you can be proud to buy for a friend, yourself, or your significant other.

In order to provide an honest opinion about this product, I knew that I was going to have to try it out for myself.  As an unpaid and unbiased reviewer, I went into the test-ride with no expectations or preconceived notions.  There were no other reviews available on-line, as this is a newly released product. That being said, I was willing to give it a try and write an honest review.

My initial impression of the Wireless Vibrator Mini Massager was that it was SO SMALL! It is similar in size to the once-popular Rabbit, but without the long cord and bulky controller. Much to my surprise, it arrived from Amazon VERY fast and was packaged discreetly, even inside the Amazon box.  Although the instructions advise you to fully charge it before the first use, it came with enough charge that I was able to turn it on and see what it had in store for me later that night.

I was immediately impressed, all the way around.  As previously mentioned, the medical-grade silicone was an immediate selling point for me. As someone who is extremely sensitive to latex, traditional mini massagers usually cause an excessive amount of discomfort. I was eager at the prospect of testing out a new material and I was hopeful that I could enjoy it without any concerns. Upon initially opening the package, I was struck by the completely unique shape and feeling of the product. It fit perfectly in my hand and the brightly colored silicone was practically calling out to me.     There is just something indescribable about the way the silicone feels – I just couldn’t stop caressing it.  It honestly feels like a cross between baby powder and the world’s softest skin.  Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to try it out.

This little baby has kick. Even on the lowest setting, I was ready to cum in less than a minute.  I had to turn it off before I enjoyed myself too much, too soon. As my partner and I messed around, I would periodically turn it back on and bring myself right to the brink of an orgasm…which was incredibly easy to do.  When using the second, highest speed, cumming was almost instantaneous.


It got to the point where I didn’t want to stop that amazing sensation, so I just kept massaging my clit and cumming repeatedly. I am serious when I say that I have never had a toy deliver so much pure, raw pleasure.  At one point, I was so turned on by the mini massager, that I turned the toy upside down and slid the handle into my pussy.  I hadn’t planned on doing that, but it just felt right. The ergonomic design does so much more than just provide a comfortable grip!

This is a toy that I will keep by my bedside for years to CUM. While I have an extensive collection of sex toys, this one has taken its place at the very top of my list of favorites. As a matter of fact, I’m getting turned on just thinking about it. Hold on, give me a minute………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… ok, I’m back and much wetter than before.

In addition to it sexual prowess, this product is incredibly convenient.  The 420 ah lithium battery charges with a USB cord and never needs to be replaced. This makes it convenient for taking the Wireless Vibrator Mini Massager on the road, much to the enjoyment of all the truckers out there. In addition to the fact that it charges just about anywhere, there is the added benefit of the fact that it is quiet enough that I could use it in bed without waking up my partner (although that would be sad because they would be missing a great show). I can’t sing, but if I could, I would sing the praises of this tiny beast from the top of the highest mountain.


As someone who has a stellar reputation in the Adult Review Community, I can honestly put the DAISY JANE SEXY SEAL OF APPROVAL on the Wireless Vibrator.  Do yourself/your friend/your lover a favor and buy this toy on Amazon today (it’s even available with Amazon Prime Free 2-day delivery!!!!!!).

If you want to check out the other vibrating products made by Linglong, check out their Amazon store!!