Strap it to Me!


The KUUVAL Strap-on Harness with Vibrating Silicone Dildo is a definite people-pleaser.  The quality of this toy is immediately evident and I was excited to check it out as soon as it arrived.  The first thing that I noticed was how well-made the product is. There is no rubbery smell and the material is silky smooth…very realistic! The straps are fully adjustable, but the best part about this toy is the sexy, lace-up, corset-style harness.  This unique design makes the strap-on fit snuggly, without cutting into your skin or causing a muffin top! That’s major.  A lot of strap-on harnesses are made entirely of the black adjustable straps, which are not skin-friendly and often leave unsightly marks. This is not the case with this KUUVAL product.

The vibrator comes with 8 vibration patterns that can be controlled by remote control or directly on the base of the cock.  It easily charges via USB and holds a charge for a surprisingly long time! I definitely put those batteries to the test! The remote works from across the room, which adds an extra layer of fun.  Surprise your partner with an unexpected vibration-pattern change!

The cock is multi-functional, working in the strap-on harness, as well as on its own.  The powerful suction cup on the bottom of the toy is strong enough to keep it mounted on the wall, table, or counter.  I was grinding on it like a super bad girl and it never once came loose.  That’s killer suction, in my professional opinion!

The KUUVAL Strap-on Harness with Vibrating Silicone Dildo is a life-like toy that will absolutely add a spark to the bedroom.  Do yourself a favor and check out their website here and follow them on Twitter @saltfishtoys and @HTL52879200.


Worth the Girth!


NICK CAPRA dildo by Hankey Toys

Hankey Toys is KNOWN for making some of the highest-quality sex toys on the market, but until recently, I was a Hankey virgin.  Little did I know that I was missing out BIG time. I was HUGELY surprised when my toy arrived on the porch with a thud.  I’m not exaggerating when I say that this package was weighty.  Now, I’ve used a lot of sex toys in my life, but upon opening the box, I could immediately tell that this one was different.

I had ordered a medium-sized Nick Capra dildo with medium firmness in Natural Tan. I honestly picked this one because it was particularly attractive.  That seems like an odd thing to say about a dildo, but this one had a certain je ne sais quoi that I could not resist. It looks incredibly lifelike and has a great shape.  It’s thicker in the middle with a perfectly-shaped head…I wasn’t sure if I wanted to ride it or suck it!   

Hankey Toys is setting the bar incredibly high for other manufacturers out there. I seriously can’t get over the level of craftsmanship…again, a very strange thing to say about a dildo! The amount of time and effort that went into getting this cock “just right” is evident from the moment you open the box.

The Nick Capra model is available in four different sizes and various levels of firmness. I went with medium because I consider myself somewhat of an expert…a AAA Star, if you will.  That being said, MEDIUM IS HUGE! The girth on this thing was enough to literally make my mouth hang open.  No wonder it was so heavy when it arrived! The poor delivery person probably threw out their back just taking it out of their truck! 

The key to this toy is LUBE…LOTS and LOTS of lube. Be a generous lover. Once it’s all oiled up, the sheer size ensures that you take it slowly. Although it is compatible with various harnesses and straps, I used a short stool and simply stood it upright.  The weight of it helped to keep it upright all on its own.

As I started to slide it up inside of me, I was delighted at the initial sensation of the cock’s head.  Once I slid down onto it, I quickly realized that the best part is in the middle…at its thickest point.  I felt like the air was sucked out of me as I was exploding onto it.  It reaches deep…seriously deep…but only if you can make it past the fat center of that cock.  Don’t give up…It’s not for the faint of heart, but it’s definitely worth it.

Check out their website and follow them on Twitter @Hankeystoys . Don’t let yourself be intimidated by the size…The Nick Capra puts the CUM in cirCUMference.


Double Your Pleasure


The remote control bullet vibrator by SEXRABBIT is loads of fun.  The nice thing about this toy is that it can be used alone OR with a partner. While his two-piece unit functions as both a remote and receiver, the remote piece also vibrates independently.

The possibilities are endless!The first thing that grabbed my attention is how strong the actual vibration is on both parts of the toy.  This is no low-energy toy! Even the low setting is enough to make you cum within a matter of moments.  The ten vibration patterns ensure that you never get bored when playing with this toy OR when entertaining your partner.

Speaking of entertaining, I tested this toy out this past weekend while watching a movie in a local theater.  My partner maintained control of the remote, keeping me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire film! lol! It was incredibly hot to suddenly feel an unexpected buzzing between my legs.  I found myself grinding down on it right there in the middle of the crowd.  Thankfully it was an action-packed movie, so no one noticed me moaning when the remote control rabbit made me cum multiple times.

Discretion is key with this toy.  It is compact enough that you can take it with you anywhere.  The remote is shaped just like a computer mouse, so you could have it charging at your desk and no one would even notice! You could even casually leave the remote with the hot guy in the next cubicle and let him have control over your afternoon (its wireless capabilities extend OVER 30 FEET)!

Do yourself a favor and try out this buzz-worthy duo.  If you are interested in a FREE TEST ofthis and similar products in the United States, follow @sammorsextoy and DM for details -OR- click here to apply on their website.

Realistic? I’ll Be the Judge of That!



The Realistic Thrusting Rabbit G-Spot Vibrator by Adorime is seriously awesome.  It’s easy to see this as just another generic review about another generic sex toy, but let me stop you right there.  This thing is different.  Trust me.


The first thing that you will notice is that it looks rather unassuming.  It isn’t gigantic or strapped down with a million features.  It resembles a traditional vibrator with a “rabbit” on the side (I’m not positive that it’s an actual rabbit…I kind of think it’s a slug with some extremely talented antennas, but I digress:). Anyways, once you turn it on, your realize immediately that it is doing something unique.  IMG_0386

Rather than simply vibrating, the Realistic Thrusting Rabbit G-Spot Vibrator thrusts, vibrates, and rotates.  There are beads on the inside that spin in pattern that definitely turns up the heat. As soon as I began using it on myself, I instantly knew that this toy was unique.  The combination of the spinning, thrusting, and vibrating is an unholy trinity, making me cum multiple times in just a few short minutes.  It was pretty awesome.  

The variable vibrating speeds and patterns increase the level of pleasure, but the thrusting and spinning functions are what make this toy truly special. I’m definitely adding this one to my nightstand and not to the toy box. The Adorime Realistic Thrusting Rabbit G-Spot Vibrator is a keeper.  If you want to try one out for yourself, click here.  Make sure to follow @adorime1 on Twitter for awesome giveaways and to learn about the latest new products.

To become a product tester you can contact via Twitter, @adorime1 or email:

Tongue Me Down and Fill Me Up


The Clitoral Licking Tongue Vibrator by Cheven is a powerful tool that will make any woman wet. It is a 2-in-1 toy, so DOUBLE THE FUN! One end contains the flicking tongue function while the other end is a cock-shaped vibrator. This toy is ready to fulfill your fantasies AND fill up your holes…Untitled


The tongue feature is a unique addition to the world of sex toys. Start out on the lowest setting and slowly let your pleasure increase as you raise the speed of the licking tongue. With three levels of intensity, your nipples will get hard and your clit will thank you…I know mine did!

Don’t be surprised if you cum before you make it to the third setting! This little guy puts in the ultimate amount of effort when it comes to pleasing you.

The other end of this sexy toy is a vibrator, but don’t be fooled…it’s anything other than ordinary! The 8 different speeds and patterns of vibration ensure that you will never get bored. It is silky soft and glides smoothly into all of your eager holes. With a rechargeable battery that maintains its power for long periods of pleasure, the Clitoral Licking Tongue Vibrator will never leave you high and dry when you’d rather be hot and sticky.Untitled1

Did I mention that it’s completely waterproof? Don’t be surprised if you see me in the hot tub gasping for pleasure. I’ll definitely be taking this toy with me on my next trip to the beach.  

The Licking Tongue Vibrator is going to be making frequent appearances around here. I mean, it licks AND fucks…what more could I ask for?  You don’t have to take my word for it…try it for yourself HERE.  Follow them on Twitter @loveorlsextoy

Just a Little Hot Tongue Action…


1_2691e689-2e33-42f4-83e9-76605dfe5d19_1296xThe G-Spot Tongue Vibrator by Feelingirl is a fun toy to enjoy on your own OR with your favorite partner. I mean, who doesn’t want an extra tongue involved? This toy is shaped like a soft, pink tongue, but it does so much more! It can be used as an external vibrator in its traditional tongue function or it can be inserted into any and all of your holes for an extra level of stimulation!

This little guy really packs a wallop. It has ten unique vibration sequences in order to satisfy just about anyone’s needs! The flicking action of the tongue mimics the lifelike sensation of receiving the world’s best oral pleasure. The extra soft material glides along your most sensitive areas with a velvety, silky touch. Just gliding it across your skin is enough to give you goose bumps.



The battery charges via USB and lasts long into the night, ensuring that you aren’t ever left feeling unsatisfied. It’s extra handy because you can charge it on the go 

with your phone charger or your laptop. Stash it in your purse…no one will ever know that you have your own personal oral sex slave with you at all times.

Do yourself a favor and head over to to experience all the amazing oral pleasure for yourself. I’ll even help motivate you a bit further…here’s a special coupon code just for my fans ( 8Y63GPNV ). Hurry…your pink parts deserve this level of special attention!

The Toy of My Dreams: The Clitoral Sucking Vibrator


The Clitoral Sucking Vibrator is a pleasure-filled product that definitely shouldn’t be missed. The TEN vibration patterns ensure that there is something for everyone.  From low, medium, and high constant vibration to stutter-patterns in various speeds, intervals, and intensities, this is only just the beginning of the fun. Once the g-spot curved shaft is slipped into the vagina, the heated head kicks on and the mouth-like suction wand begins sucking and stimulating the clitoris with THREE levels of enthusiasm!


The convenience of this deliciously hedonistic toy is second to none. Fully waterproof and made from medical-grade silicone, this is a tool of desire that you can take with you just about anywhere.

The magnetic USB charging function ensures that you are never without batteries when the mood is right! A single recharge provides over 90 minutes of pleasure waves and constant vibration. That’s more than enough time to make yourself (or your partner) cum over and over again.


Between the perfectly curved shape of the vibrator and the intense orgasmic suction technology, the Clitoral Sucking Vibrator is a worthy addition to any nightstand!


To experience the unbridled pleasure for yourself, head over to to apply for a test-ride! Follow the excitement on twitter @sammorsextoy