The Little Vibrator That Could!


Anyone who has read my blog knows that I love the small, rocket-style vibrators. I’m all about the clitoral stimulation. I just can’t get enough! That being said, this little pocket rocket really fits the bill. The small, pink Acvioo vibrator is small enough to be portable, but it packs enough power to earn itself a place in my nightstand.

At 5 inches long, don’t be fooled into underestimating its power. It has ten different vibration settings and it holds a charge for up to 2 hours! It charges quickly (30 minutes!) and easily with an included USB charger. You can even charge it in your car on your way to work! Sneaky AND sexy!

The circumference is large enough that you can insert it pleasurably. It’s not too small, and in fact, using it to penetrate yourself while it’s vibrating is a highly satisfying experience! Its also awesome for using with your partner. You can rub it all over them and feel them squirm with pleasure!

Do yourself a favor and give this little guy a try. Don’t judge it by its compact size, judge it by how many times it can make you cum in one sitting. I promise that you won’t be disappointed!

Acvioo makes high-quality products. I have a few in my own personal collection. They are made of medical-grade silicone and are 100% waterproof, which makes cleanup super easy!

Follow them on Twitter at @AcviooOfficial to stay updated on the latest product releases!


Good Thing it’s Waterproof Because I’m All Wet!


The Acvioo Personal Massager is an understated magician. Don’t be dissuaded by its traditional design because this baby packs a wallop. At 7.9″ long, with a round head and a tapered end, every inch can be utilized.

I was immediately impressed with the sleek design. The flat black color and the silver end piece give it a classy appearance. It isn’t gaudy or showy, letting me know that it doesn’t mess around and gets right down to business (or pleasure…definitely pleasure lol).

After charging the Acvioo Personal Massager on its magnetic charger, I decided to test out its waterproof capabilities to take it into the shower with me after a particularly stressful day. I began by trying it out to massage a tight spot on one of my shoulders. The hot water and the intense vibration immediately made my muscles loosen up.

Once I was relaxed, I moved the massager down south and started rubbing it on my pussy. Even without cycling through the 8 different patterns, I came right away. Now with that first one out of the way, I was better able to test out the other patterns.

The round head has a strong vibration and is able to rotate 360 degrees. The mechanics of the massager add to the overall sensations. I could feel my pussy trying to grab onto it. Once I inserted the head, it felt as though it was whirling around inside me, hitting spots that aren’t normally reached.

The Acvioo Massager is a definite winner in my books. If you are interested in testing one out for yourself, head on over to their website HERE and make sure to follow Acvioo on TWITTER at @AcivooOfficial

YHNNDA: Funny Name, Serious Pleasure


IMG_2172The Yhnnda personal vibrator is reminiscent of an old-school massager, but with all the power and technology of a modern toy.  There is nothing outdated about the Yhannda and in fact, the best part about it is its simplicity.  IMG_2171

There seems to be a movement within the sex toy industry to create products that constantly do MORE. Unfortunately, they fail to realize that all the bells and whistles in the world don’t do you any good if your core product isn’t great.  The Yhannda goes back to the basics by providing high-quality pleasure with a time-tested design.

This toy is made from silky, smooth medical-grade silicone.  The handle provides the perfect grip for rubbing yourself.  It has ten different vibration patterns that perform with fully-adjustable strength.


This is definitely a vibrator that will have you coming again and again. I personally came three times in a matter of minutes.  It can easily be used alone or with a partner.  It is perfect for clitoral stimulation and absolutely increases the intensity of your orgasms when you are fucking your partner.

Don’t be afraid to try all the different vibration patterns.  There are a few that are secret weapons! Be adventurous and give them all a whirl.

The Yhnnda is easy to clean and charges with a basic USB plug.  It holds its power well and won’t leave you stranded in the middle of the fun.  The company recommends fully charging it before using it the first time, but once it’s ready, the party won’t stop.

If you are looking for a good time and want to test out this product and others, head over to their website   or email them at . And don’t forget to check them out on Twitter @YHNNDA

Black Label Magazine and the Tasteful Eroticism of “Artcore”


Black Label Magazine is known for their stunning models and opulent presentation. The vision of the Black Label brand is one that melds the erotic pleasures of the body with the hedonistic desires of the eye. The models explore their deepest fantasies amid sumptuous surroundings and scenes of untold decadence. The insatiable demand for this seductive artform led Black Label Magazine to create an online community in order to further explore and share the fusion of art and sexuality.

The Black Label website is completely unique in its aesthetic design.  Absent of the tacky, neon colors that saturate most of the porn world, Black Label utilizes an elegant design that allows the gorgeous models and their luxurious surroundings to remain the primary focus.   Amid a sea of forgettable adult websites, Black Label is an artistically-crafted island of elegance, decadence, and beauty.

Black Label Magazine is the brainchild of the visionary photographer, Lincoln.  After digging around a bit, I discovered that Lincoln is an artist who is passionately devoted to the idea of putting art back into the world of pornography.  As soon as you start looking through his albums of photographs, his vision comes to life. Lincoln refers to his style as Artcore and explains that “Artcore does more than stimulate your libido. Artcore strives to provide imagery that begs to study, revere, and immerse. I create stories and scenes with luxurious settings, glamorous styling, and beautiful women that are meant to take your breath away in more ways than one.”

His photographs and videos are tastefully XXX.  Despite the heavily artistic overtones, this is not a softcore site.  The women are incredibly naughty, but in a very natural, unforced way.  The videos have the feeling of walking in on something that was already taking place.  The camerawork is unobtrusive and has an incredibly high-definition picture (it reminded me of soap opera footage).  There is no awkward jerkiness or strange camera angles. The scenes are not overly-choreographed, allowing the models to act on their natural desires.

The Black Label website is bursting with content.  There are tons of videos available to those who sign up for a multi-tiered membership, but there is also a decent amount of content for those who are just testing the waters.  Once you’ve looked around for a minute or two, you will definitely know if Artcore is something that piques your interest.

In my line of work (adult social media promotion/ professional copywriter), I see A LOT of porn…A LOT. So much of it is sloppily thrown together, with little attention paid to setting, scenery, or wardrobe. Lincoln and Black Label Magazine pay close attention to these details and create scenes that are all-encompassing. 

 Every shot speaks to the intentionality of the artist, with each unique design aspect adding to the overall sensual effect.  The crystal chandeliers, ornate furniture, and deep plush carpets are so purposeful that they almost serve as characters within the scene.

So many of the run-of-the-mill movies fall back on tired and overused tropes with little to no imagination.  I mean, how many movies have you watched where they are fucking on the kitchen island or the fake, white leather couch?

Black Label has dozens of models and tons of digital albums. The models are all gorgeous, but there is a striking level of originality within the Black Label Beauties.

  The magazine highlights varying body types and many different “looks”…everything from “blonde bombshells” to tattooed and edgy. Each girl is unique and their true personality is allowed to shine through.

Black Label Magazine has created a blog that chronicles the happenings within their community. The blog is divided into sections, with a section devoted to the models, as well as to the photographer and his upcoming projects. I’d like to see some of the models doing guest blogs or keeping video diaries…something that helps to personalize that part of the content.  So many models have tons to say about an entire range of topics…letting them have a space to explore might help visitors develop a deeper connection with the individual stars.

The online store is limited, but does contain a variety of high-quality artistic prints.  Make sure to look for the autographed and field-tested toys. Right now, there is a double-sided dildo that was used by Serene Siren & Silvia Saige in the film Mutual Mischief.

All in all, I have to say that Black Label Magazine and their website is a refreshing change.  It is encouraging to see people within the industry putting the time and effort into creating  high-quality projects.  Everything about this company is intentional and well-thought out. Even with the large number of models, nothing feels rushed or thrown together. The eroticism is a cohesive whole, with each aspect (the model, the scenery, the props) adding to the success of the final product.

Check out Black Label Magazine at or come stalk their social media @blacklabelmag on Twitter and Instagram. Trust me, its hot.

Strap it to Me!


The KUUVAL Strap-on Harness with Vibrating Silicone Dildo is a definite people-pleaser.  The quality of this toy is immediately evident and I was excited to check it out as soon as it arrived.  The first thing that I noticed was how well-made the product is. There is no rubbery smell and the material is silky smooth…very realistic! The straps are fully adjustable, but the best part about this toy is the sexy, lace-up, corset-style harness.  This unique design makes the strap-on fit snuggly, without cutting into your skin or causing a muffin top! That’s major.  A lot of strap-on harnesses are made entirely of the black adjustable straps, which are not skin-friendly and often leave unsightly marks. This is not the case with this KUUVAL product.

The vibrator comes with 8 vibration patterns that can be controlled by remote control or directly on the base of the cock.  It easily charges via USB and holds a charge for a surprisingly long time! I definitely put those batteries to the test! The remote works from across the room, which adds an extra layer of fun.  Surprise your partner with an unexpected vibration-pattern change!

The cock is multi-functional, working in the strap-on harness, as well as on its own.  The powerful suction cup on the bottom of the toy is strong enough to keep it mounted on the wall, table, or counter.  I was grinding on it like a super bad girl and it never once came loose.  That’s killer suction, in my professional opinion!

The KUUVAL Strap-on Harness with Vibrating Silicone Dildo is a life-like toy that will absolutely add a spark to the bedroom.  Do yourself a favor and check out their website here and follow them on Twitter @saltfishtoys and @HTL52879200.

Worth the Girth!


NICK CAPRA dildo by Hankey Toys

Hankey Toys is KNOWN for making some of the highest-quality sex toys on the market, but until recently, I was a Hankey virgin.  Little did I know that I was missing out BIG time. I was HUGELY surprised when my toy arrived on the porch with a thud.  I’m not exaggerating when I say that this package was weighty.  Now, I’ve used a lot of sex toys in my life, but upon opening the box, I could immediately tell that this one was different.

I had ordered a medium-sized Nick Capra dildo with medium firmness in Natural Tan. I honestly picked this one because it was particularly attractive.  That seems like an odd thing to say about a dildo, but this one had a certain je ne sais quoi that I could not resist. It looks incredibly lifelike and has a great shape.  It’s thicker in the middle with a perfectly-shaped head…I wasn’t sure if I wanted to ride it or suck it!   

Hankey Toys is setting the bar incredibly high for other manufacturers out there. I seriously can’t get over the level of craftsmanship…again, a very strange thing to say about a dildo! The amount of time and effort that went into getting this cock “just right” is evident from the moment you open the box.

The Nick Capra model is available in four different sizes and various levels of firmness. I went with medium because I consider myself somewhat of an expert…a AAA Star, if you will.  That being said, MEDIUM IS HUGE! The girth on this thing was enough to literally make my mouth hang open.  No wonder it was so heavy when it arrived! The poor delivery person probably threw out their back just taking it out of their truck! 

The key to this toy is LUBE…LOTS and LOTS of lube. Be a generous lover. Once it’s all oiled up, the sheer size ensures that you take it slowly. Although it is compatible with various harnesses and straps, I used a short stool and simply stood it upright.  The weight of it helped to keep it upright all on its own.

As I started to slide it up inside of me, I was delighted at the initial sensation of the cock’s head.  Once I slid down onto it, I quickly realized that the best part is in the middle…at its thickest point.  I felt like the air was sucked out of me as I was exploding onto it.  It reaches deep…seriously deep…but only if you can make it past the fat center of that cock.  Don’t give up…It’s not for the faint of heart, but it’s definitely worth it.

Check out their website and follow them on Twitter @Hankeystoys . Don’t let yourself be intimidated by the size…The Nick Capra puts the CUM in cirCUMference.


Double Your Pleasure


The remote control bullet vibrator by SEXRABBIT is loads of fun.  The nice thing about this toy is that it can be used alone OR with a partner. While his two-piece unit functions as both a remote and receiver, the remote piece also vibrates independently.

The possibilities are endless!The first thing that grabbed my attention is how strong the actual vibration is on both parts of the toy.  This is no low-energy toy! Even the low setting is enough to make you cum within a matter of moments.  The ten vibration patterns ensure that you never get bored when playing with this toy OR when entertaining your partner.

Speaking of entertaining, I tested this toy out this past weekend while watching a movie in a local theater.  My partner maintained control of the remote, keeping me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire film! lol! It was incredibly hot to suddenly feel an unexpected buzzing between my legs.  I found myself grinding down on it right there in the middle of the crowd.  Thankfully it was an action-packed movie, so no one noticed me moaning when the remote control rabbit made me cum multiple times.

Discretion is key with this toy.  It is compact enough that you can take it with you anywhere.  The remote is shaped just like a computer mouse, so you could have it charging at your desk and no one would even notice! You could even casually leave the remote with the hot guy in the next cubicle and let him have control over your afternoon (its wireless capabilities extend OVER 30 FEET)!

Do yourself a favor and try out this buzz-worthy duo.  If you are interested in a FREE TEST ofthis and similar products in the United States, follow @sammorsextoy and DM for details -OR- click here to apply on their website.