Black Label Magazine and the Tasteful Eroticism of “Artcore”


Black Label Magazine is known for their stunning models and opulent presentation. The vision of the Black Label brand is one that melds the erotic pleasures of the body with the hedonistic desires of the eye. The models explore their deepest fantasies amid sumptuous surroundings and scenes of untold decadence. The insatiable demand for this seductive artform led Black Label Magazine to create an online community in order to further explore and share the fusion of art and sexuality.

The Black Label website is completely unique in its aesthetic design.  Absent of the tacky, neon colors that saturate most of the porn world, Black Label utilizes an elegant design that allows the gorgeous models and their luxurious surroundings to remain the primary focus.   Amid a sea of forgettable adult websites, Black Label is an artistically-crafted island of elegance, decadence, and beauty.

Black Label Magazine is the brainchild of the visionary photographer, Lincoln.  After digging around a bit, I discovered that Lincoln is an artist who is passionately devoted to the idea of putting art back into the world of pornography.  As soon as you start looking through his albums of photographs, his vision comes to life. Lincoln refers to his style as Artcore and explains that “Artcore does more than stimulate your libido. Artcore strives to provide imagery that begs to study, revere, and immerse. I create stories and scenes with luxurious settings, glamorous styling, and beautiful women that are meant to take your breath away in more ways than one.”

His photographs and videos are tastefully XXX.  Despite the heavily artistic overtones, this is not a softcore site.  The women are incredibly naughty, but in a very natural, unforced way.  The videos have the feeling of walking in on something that was already taking place.  The camerawork is unobtrusive and has an incredibly high-definition picture (it reminded me of soap opera footage).  There is no awkward jerkiness or strange camera angles. The scenes are not overly-choreographed, allowing the models to act on their natural desires.

The Black Label website is bursting with content.  There are tons of videos available to those who sign up for a multi-tiered membership, but there is also a decent amount of content for those who are just testing the waters.  Once you’ve looked around for a minute or two, you will definitely know if Artcore is something that piques your interest.

In my line of work (adult social media promotion/ professional copywriter), I see A LOT of porn…A LOT. So much of it is sloppily thrown together, with little attention paid to setting, scenery, or wardrobe. Lincoln and Black Label Magazine pay close attention to these details and create scenes that are all-encompassing. 

 Every shot speaks to the intentionality of the artist, with each unique design aspect adding to the overall sensual effect.  The crystal chandeliers, ornate furniture, and deep plush carpets are so purposeful that they almost serve as characters within the scene.

So many of the run-of-the-mill movies fall back on tired and overused tropes with little to no imagination.  I mean, how many movies have you watched where they are fucking on the kitchen island or the fake, white leather couch?

Black Label has dozens of models and tons of digital albums. The models are all gorgeous, but there is a striking level of originality within the Black Label Beauties.

  The magazine highlights varying body types and many different “looks”…everything from “blonde bombshells” to tattooed and edgy. Each girl is unique and their true personality is allowed to shine through.

Black Label Magazine has created a blog that chronicles the happenings within their community. The blog is divided into sections, with a section devoted to the models, as well as to the photographer and his upcoming projects. I’d like to see some of the models doing guest blogs or keeping video diaries…something that helps to personalize that part of the content.  So many models have tons to say about an entire range of topics…letting them have a space to explore might help visitors develop a deeper connection with the individual stars.

The online store is limited, but does contain a variety of high-quality artistic prints.  Make sure to look for the autographed and field-tested toys. Right now, there is a double-sided dildo that was used by Serene Siren & Silvia Saige in the film Mutual Mischief.

All in all, I have to say that Black Label Magazine and their website is a refreshing change.  It is encouraging to see people within the industry putting the time and effort into creating  high-quality projects.  Everything about this company is intentional and well-thought out. Even with the large number of models, nothing feels rushed or thrown together. The eroticism is a cohesive whole, with each aspect (the model, the scenery, the props) adding to the success of the final product.

Check out Black Label Magazine at or come stalk their social media @blacklabelmag on Twitter and Instagram. Trust me, its hot.

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