AVN Expo and Award Show 2019


AVN Week/end in Las Vegas never disappoints and 2019 was no exception! The Hard Rock Hotel opened its glass doors to the world of the adult film industry and of course, BUTTLOADS of fun was had by all! 

My personal highlights are always talking with the starlets.  They are consistently sweet and incredibly down-to-earth.  In fact, I’ve yet to talk with a single one who was standoffish or cold.  It’s great to see them bonding with their fans at a level where both the fans AND the starlets are enjoying one another’s company.  

The AVN Expo is always a blast.  The number of kinky and hilariously-kinky items truly boggles the mind! I mean, I never knew that I was going to get quite so cozy with a giant cock in a tiny hat, but here I fucking am! img_8211 Stay tuned for more of Daisy Jane’s Tales from the AVNs, including the AMAZING comeback of Christy Mack AND that time I just happened to take a selfie with Stormy Daniels! Til next time…stay hard! XXXOXXXOXXXO

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